Gold Matters Project

Research on transformations to sustainability in small scale gold mining in East Africa, West Africa and Brazil/Guyana region.

Gold & Sustainability

National Round Table on Gold organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Scientific Consultant

Scientific Consultant for the Episode 01 of “Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers: AMAZON” transmitted on Animal Planet US

“Marjo was a great help to us in the making of the Amazon episode of Jeremy Wades Mighty Rivers. We were looking for a safe and easily accessible gold mine to film at and since Marjo had done some studies at Creporizão previously she had very close connections and contacts there, which she shared with us. As a result, we were able to set up a successful shoot with an 8 man crew and filmed the process of gold mining with the help of her contacts who spoke very highly of her. We are very grateful for her help and assistance and we hope to work with her again in the future”.
Yasmin White
Assistant Producer, Icon Films, Bristol, UK.

Interview at NPO-RADIO

“There is a true gold rush on the border between Suriname and Brazil. Bureau Buitenland Summer Express guest Marjo de Theije is fascinated by this gold digger culture.”

Interview for CoCooN Projects

Gomiam (Small Scale Gold Mining in the Amazon) is one of the CoCooN-projects of NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development.

Gomiam researches social conflicts around small-scale gold mining and cross-bordering problems, such as smuggling gold and environmental polution in the Amazon in order to develop a regional knowledge base on small-scale gold mining, policy development and a dialogue between miners, NGOs and politicians. Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources in Developing Countries (CoCooN) aims to build up evidence-based knowledge about the causes and dynamics of conflicts over natural resources such as land, water, timber and minerals. The research projects that are funded under this programme are built up around a continuous, iterative process of generating knowledge, research and innovation. The projects aim to contribute to the development of policy and practice in the field of natural resources management that enhance conflict resolution and that promote opportunities for innovation and cooperation. CoCooN’s ultimate goal is to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction.